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The Blue Future

The Sustainable Blue Economy includes activities related to the ocean, fresh water and the cryosphere that provide social, cultural, ecological, and economic benefits for current and future generations.Photos entered into this category should show a diversity of ocean careers, with a focus on people who work in or with the ocean.

Unexpected Encounters

Canada is bordered by three oceans, each with its own unique species, ecosystems and natural phenomena. Photos submitted to this category should show amazing marine landscapes or wildlife encounters.

Ocean Solutions

How do you engage and inspire people with the ocean? Photos entered into this category should show ways that people or communities are helping to change society's relationship with the ocean which is the overarching challenge of the UN Ocean Decade (2021-2030). Learn more here.

“The things we do for the ocean”

Working on the ocean is not always glamorous; show us the gross, funny or hardcore activities that are part of life in and on the Ocean. If only a photo could capture the smell…